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Tailgating Hacks for your Ford F-150

There is nothing better than going to a Washington Redskins game with your family and friends, enjoying the atmosphere, the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs cooking, and the all-around good time you have, even before the game starts.

UMF - September 25.jpg

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tailgating tips that you are sure to love, and you can put them to great use in your brand new Ford F-150 this year!

  • Keep a toolbox in the back of your truck, stocked full of cooking utensils, silverware, trash bags, condiments and other essentials that are easy to forget when rushing to the game. Having these items available to you without having to pack them each time will save you a ton of time.
  • Cut up and prepare all of your fixings beforehand—shape your burger patties and refrigerate between wax paper sheets, cut up all lettuce, tomato and onions so that they’re ready to go before you head to the game. Pack all of your perishable items into a cooler with plenty of ice, and load it into your F-150.
  • Throw a large plastic bin into the back of your F-150 to bring back used dishes and trash that may not have made it to a garbage can. Fill an old laundry detergent jug with water to use as a hand sanitizing station.
  • Keep a metal bucket in the back of your F-150 to throw potentially hot grilling ashes into, rather than leaving them in the grill or on-site.
  • Buy an inexpensive set of plastic drawers and keep them in the back of your truck. Keep the drawers stocked full of essentials like cooking spray, aluminum foil, plastic cups or utensils, and paper plates.

Keeping all of these items in the back of your F-150 might not seem ideal, but, with a cover on the bed of your truck, you’ll hardly even know they are there.


Ford Trucks: 100 Years and Going Strong

The Ford truck has been one of America’s favorites, and best-selling pickup trucks for the last 40 consecutive years. But, did you know, it’s been around for 100 years?

Ford Trucks.jpg

July 27, 2017 marked 100 years of production of Ford Trucks, dating back to the first Ford Model TT in 1917. The Ford Model TT was created due to the demand for a vehicle that could haul heavy loads, and provide greater utility for work and deliveries, according to a Press Release from Ford Motor Company. The Ford Model TT was priced at $600, back then, and 209 were sold in that year.

Fast forward to today, the Ford F-150 is America’s top-selling pickup trucks, is the official truck of the National Football League, and is a well-renowned favorite among businesses and retail customers, alike.

To view our inventory of Ford Trucks, visit us online, or contact us to schedule your test-drive.

America’s Truck – Ford F-150

Consistency is everything, and for the past 38 years the Ford F-150 has been crowned America’s Best Selling TruckIn fact, for the last 32 years the Ford F-150 has been America’s Best Selling Vehicle! Which is why we’re going to show how the 2015 F-150 took the podium this year.


How did Ford do it this year? Aluminum. The last 2014 model F-150 rolled off the production line in late August last year, and the company raced to removed and replace the factory equipment with the new aluminum tools in a matter of 8 weeks. The product? A lighter, stronger, and more capable truck that will revolutionize the truck industry

Ford‘s strategy was to create a more fuel-efficient, towing capable, and load hauling machine to not only meet government fuel regulations but to give its owners more truck. By shedding 770 lbs the new 2015 F-150 increases its fuel economy by 5% when you’re comparing the 2014 F-150 4WD FFV with the 3.7L V6 to the 2015 F-150 4WD FFV with the 3.5L V6. A lighter truck allows Ford to replace the engine with a smaller one and keep the performance. Now don’t worry truck guys you’re not getting cheated out of anything because with 770 lbs. off the truck load you’re able to haul more and tow more! The smaller V6 is driving at V8 ratings so all of your truck is there, and then some.

The award at the Detroit Auto Show has definitely increased the buzz on the new F-150 even though these last few months customers have been calling and emailing non-stop asking when they’ll be here. Well, they’re here so stop by and see for yourself!

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